• This site is weird and not really user friendly, why?

  • This site is still young (2 months old) and we are still working on every aspect of the site. Feel free to tell us every suggestion you have in mind, we appreciate it.
  • How do I download Videos?

  • First of all, you need to create an Account.
    Once done, you need to charge your Account with Bitcoins, then you are ready to go.

    If you don't have a Bitcoin wallet, you actually don't need to create one, this site also acts as a wallet, since you can receive and send Bitcoins here.
  • I do not have bitcoins, can you accept some other payment methods as well?

  • Short answer: for now, no. Long answer: there maybe more options in the future to buy videos from verified models but still not for every video from every model. It is not that hard to buy bitcoins though :)
  • How many times can I download a Video I have purchased?

  • You can only download a Video infinite times, but you are limited to one download of this video in 48 hours.
  • How do I charge my Account with Bitcoins?

  • You need to buy Bitcoins somewhere, you can find a list of sites who offer Bitcoins here

    Depending on wether you use your own wallet or our site, the steps differ, in this case we assume you use our site as a wallet.
    -Find a site where you would like to buy Bitcoins from.
    -Copy a receive address from here and use it as the receiving address for your Bitcoin purchase.
    -Wait for the Transaction to become confirmed.
  • Can I send Bitcoins?

  • Yes, you can send your Bitcoins stored on your Account to any address you would like.

    One thing to mention: we charge the minimum fee of currently: 0.00001 BTC for every amount you send.
  • What do I need to do to verify my ownership of Videos?#

  • You need to create an Account and login, once logged in click here to verify, or search for the model name and click the link on the profile to get to the presetted verify page.

    In the verification process we will generate a unique identifier for your verification request and you will be asked to take a photo of yourself with the unique identifier written on your stomach, it is important that your face is visible too.
    If you don't show your face in your shows, you should take the photo in a way that it matches the same background as in your recent shows but from a different perspective.

    Once you submitted your request, please be patient and wait for us to review your request.
  • Do verified models need to pay to download their own videos?

  • Of course not. Once a users verifies that he is the owner of a model profile, he has unlimited downloads for every video (it says you can download it once, but after downloading it will keep saying the same).
  • How do I control/delete my Videos?

  • Like mentioned before, you first need to become verified, once done you can view, control and delete your Videos.
  • Can I share my purchased Videos?

  • Sure you can, there is no way of stopping you from it, but keep in mind that it is illegal as much as we do it.
  • Can I delete my account?

  • Yes, just login and hit delete in the right upper corner, which opens the delete account page, just hit the delete button on the page and your account is gone.

    ATTENTION: keep in mind, your bitcoins will be lost then, so transfer them beforehand to a different wallet.
  • Where can I see what Videos I have purchased?

  • Take a look here
  • You know that sharing these Videos is illegal, right?

  • Of course and it is also morally questionable.

    But keep in mind: the Models try to make a living with their shows and they might generate more money with our project without having more work.

    We started this as a proove of concept for ourselfs, but once it worked and started growing, we didn't wanted to delete it anymore, so we kept going.

    Most of the Videos are published anyway by other people, with one difference: the Models receive nothing for it.
    And since storing so much data isn't cheap and the fact that we want to keep going, we thought the Models and we can find a way to generate some money with it and give you the possibility to explore our archive/storage.
  • Why are some Thumbnails missing?

  • The scripts that make this site work, run asynchronous, so one script might indexed the video but the other scripts are still doing something else.
    this happens in every direction, there might be thumbnails of videos that haven't been indexed yet.
  • What is the Popularity?#

  • the popularity determines how the final price should be calculated based on the price per megabyte.

    the popularities are dynamic, if a video gets bought, it affects the site, model and video popularity by increasing it gradually and get decreased in the same way, if no one buys a video.
  • What is the accumulated Popularity?#

  • the accumulated popularity is calculated by taking into account every higher level popularity and the current popularity.

    models also have the option to opt out of any popularity (based on profile or just on single videos), so that it gets ignored when calculating the price.

    for example: the accumulated video popularity is the final popularity of the site, model and video popularity.
  • What is the accumulated Price?#

  • the accumulated price is calculated by taking into account every higher level price and the current price per megabyte.

    models also have the option to opt out of any price (based on profile or just on single videos), so that it gets ignored when calculating the price.

    for example: the accumulated video price is the final price per megabyte of the site, model and video price.
  • What is the Price per Megabyte?#

  • the price per megabyte is exactly what it sounds like, what each megabyte of the video costs.
  • How is the final Price determined?#

  • the final price is calculated by taking into account the accumulated popularity and applying it on the price per megabyte.
  • How does referr a friend works?

  • Referr a friend works with sending or posting a link to somebody or somewhere. Once a user clicks on the link, he receives a cookie with your referrer information and as soon as he creates an account, his account becomes linked to you and you can keep track about the referred users and the amount of purchases (no information about the user itself or the purchases is shown, just generic informations like the time of the last purchase and the amount of paid purchases)
  • Why is downloading a trailer time limited?#

  • It is time limited to prevent some people going crazy and keep downloading all day trailers and of course to keep all sorts of bot away from it.
  • I have not download a trailer, but I receive the message that I have to wait why?

  • Some browsers request the first chunk of a media file to parse meta informations about the video, since we just detect whether a connection has started to receive data, this already triggers the cooldown. We are are sorry about that and working on it.
  • Why do people with an account can download trailers faster?

  • The cooldown for users with an account is lower, because it confirms that you are not a bot (or at least not probably)
  • I got logged out, why?

  • There are 4 reasons why this could happen:
    • You browser has changed (Your current browser: CCBot/2.0 (http://commoncrawl.org/faq/))
    • Your ip address has changed (Your current ip:
    • Your session was inactive for 24 hours
    • You were logged in for a week
  • Still got questions?

  • Feel free to contact us